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I’ve been telling my wife that we should be spicing things up for years. Do you think she ever listens to me? That would be a hell no! the only time she is actually paying attention to me is when she needs to ask me for some cash, when she is doing that she is all ears, but any other time she doesn’t have the time of day for me.

I figured that since she obviously wasn’t that interested in me it was about time I had some fun with a few detroitbackpage escorts. Lucky for me I’ve been eying off these girls for quite a few months now and as such I knew exactly where to find a few smoking hot escorts. My wife most likely wouldn’t even care if she knew I was seeing one, well she would about the money I’m spending on them but fuck her!

I think it’s high time that I enjoyed some action for myself and if I need to do it with a busty escort like Zara well so be it. I work hard for my money and having my wife just take whatever she wants without even thinking about giving me something in return is just wrong! Lets see how well my time is spent with this gorgeous escort babe!

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