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One of my first jobs was at a bookstore. I was a teenager at the time. Everyone that worked at the store had specific sections that they were assigned to. I had the cookbooks, new age, and pets area. I always hoped I’d get magazines too, but never did. What I liked about the magazines was the porn. I wasn’t supposed to have access to it, but I was ringing it up at the register and I’d sneak peeks at it back in the stock room.

One night, the store was especially slow and I was left by myself while my coworker went to lunch. I started stocking new titles on the shelves and came across a book of erotic letters. I was hooked. It became my new guilty pleasure on slow Thursday nights while my coworker was out.

Now I have been a legal adult for many years and get my porn fix on this terrific thing called the internet. I watch videos instead of reading usually. Every now and then though, I will get the urge to read something naughty again and it takes me back to the thrill of sneaking a read.

You can find cuckold stories at Lush Stories as well as a bunch of other fantasies of women in control.

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